Yaron Brook: The Morality of Capitalism

Wednesday 22.2.2023 10:00 | Brno – Spolkovna (Komenského náměstí 2)

In this talk Yaron Brook delves into the morality of finance, free markets, savings, insurance and using debt to fund consumption. Through this talk, Brook will explore the pursuit of capitalist motives and why capitalism is indeed moral.
Yaron Brook is an Israeli-American writer and entrepreneur. He published several books about capitalism, morality and politics. Currently he is the host of the well-received The Yaron Brook show and one of the main figures at the Ayn Rand Institute.

The event takes place on Wednesday, February 22 from 10:00. You will find us in the Spolkovna (room S104) at the MU Faculty of Medicine (Komenského nám. 2). We look forward to seeing you.

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